About Us

Language that Works was founded in Huntsville, Alabama in 2011 by two individuals, Renee Ryan and Flora Santor, who saw a need for language education in the area where they live and sought out to fill that need. Flora and Renee are language lovers and advocates of language learning who believe that language is about communicating and that the primary goal of language teaching should be interactive communication. Our company mission is to help students, individuals and businesses with English or foreign language communication skills in order to help them become successful at work or in their personal lives.

Since the inception of the company, Language that Works has been diligently developing products to help individuals and companies deal with the growing need of language education.  Currently we offer customized study abroad, volunteer abroad, internships, and academic high school programs in Costa Rica for university, high school students, and individuals who are Spanish learners.  If interested in more information about these programs please click on Language Immersion for more information.

Locally, our company hosts private and small-group language classes for individuals and training for businesses looking to develop the language skills of their employees in English or a foreign language. If interested in any of these programs, please click on Language Education for more information. The LTW language education team of language coaches also known as “Charlantes” are language experts with native or native-like language skills, possessing many years of experience teaching languages. They are committed to help you reach your language goals by developing customized communicative based language programs designed just for you. Click on About Us and select Our Team to learn more about each individual Charlante.

We look forward to working with you to help you fulfill your language needs and goals. We are at your service!!! Call us today at (256) 585-6633.

Phone: (256) 585-6633 | info@languagethatworksllc.com