Customized Business Foreign Language Training

Do you or your company’s employees need to communicate with workers who speak a foreign language or with clients from around the world?

Language that Works understands firsthand the importance of communicating effectively and efficiently in the workplace.  We currently offer customized individual or group language training for Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian.  This training is delivered onsite or at a location convenient to your employees.


Management often finds it difficult to communicate with employees or clients who speak a foreign language.  LTW offers customized training designed to help managers communicate better with their employees or with clients from around the world.

Human Resources professionals working with employees from other countries often find it challenging to communicate effectively with foreign language employees, due to language barriers.  LTW offers customized foreign language programs specialized in the HR field to help professionals get their job done accurately and effectively.

Employee Language Training programs are offered by LTW and are designed for employees whose job requires a foreign language in order to successfully carry out job responsibilities.  Employee Language Training programs can be customized for specific fields or tasks, related to the industries listed below.  Programs are flexible and adaptable to the participant’s schedule and can be held on site.


Industry Specific Foreign language Training is available for the following industries and each program can be customized for either management or company employees:

  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Construction
  • Education & Training
  • Fire, Police & Security
  • Hotel Management
  • Human Resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Restaurant Service

Each language training program content is customized to the goals of the business or employee and is industry specific.  We start the process by initiating a needs assessment to understand the client’s language goals and objectives.  Then, an instructor is assigned to design, teach, and monitor the client’s progress to assure success.  The training schedule is flexible and adaptable to each participant’s time constraints.

Language that Works is committed to your company’s success! Please visit our team website page under the “About Us” section to learn more about our instructors. Contact us today to speak to us about your customized language training program for your employees.

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