English Language Education – Private and Group Classes

Language that Works offers English language training to help each English learner achieve their goals and objectives. Whether English training is required for professional purposes or simply for everyday life, our targeted, conversational approach will ensure your success.

With a communicative approach as the focus of our language teaching, each client (or small group) is assigned a personal language coach or Charlante, who will target your language teaching through everyday tasks and culturally oriented activities.  Charlante is a Spanish term used to define a person who chats or likes to talk and is the perfect description for our language coaches whose aim is to get you communicating in the target language.  Whether your language goals and objectives are of a professional or personal nature, we customize each language learning program to students’ individual learning styles and needs.


English as a Second Language classes are taught by a certified instructor.  Each language program is customized on the specific English skills and vocabulary you need for basic daily life activities.  Classes include fun, interactive, meaningful language learning sessions that focus on achieving improved everyday English communication skills.  Throughout your sessions, your Charlante monitors your progress and makes adjustments as needed to assure your success!

Your language learning sessions are held at a location and at a time that works best for you.



English for Specific Purposes offers customized solutions for the individual who needs assistance to improve English communication skills on the job.  Classes are taught by a certified instructor who customizes the training based on the industry specific English skills and vocabulary needed on the job.  English language programs can be designed for any of the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Hotel Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Restaurant Service and others…

Language learning sessions are held at a location and at a time that works best for you.



Pronunciation Correction is offered for individuals who already speak English, but with a heavy foreign accent.  Individualized coaching focuses on functional communication, rather than accent reduction.   With the goal of functional communication, highly skilled and trained language coaches guide you through concentrated practice to achieve intelligibility, increased self-confidence, and learn other speech monitoring abilities, resulting in higher levels of English communication.

Language that Works is committed to helping you reach your language goals! Through our customized, individualized and communicative approach to language learning, you will be communicating effectively in no time! Please visit our team website page under the “About Us” section to learn more about our Charlantes. Contact us today to schedule your Introductory Session.

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