Our Method

At Language that Works, we believe that language is about communicating and that the primary goal of language teaching should be interactive communication. Our methodology focuses on a communicative approach that emphasizes meaningful communication in the target language through everyday tasks and culturally oriented activities. We also believe that language learning is unique to each person, and our lessons are tailored to students’ individual learning styles and needs.

Our courses are developed to best meet students’ goals and needs following communicative and task-based methods, with an emphasis on speaking and listening but with an understanding that reading and writing, as well as grammar, also have an important place in language teaching. All of our instructors follow the most current and effective teaching methodologies and our ultimate goal is to help our students acquire the language and cultural skills they desire in order to communicate in the target language of their choice in an intelligible and meaningful way.

In addition to our goal oriented teaching methodology, Language that Works uniquely brings your language learning to you. We schedule classes/courses at a mutually agreeable time and day for the client and the instructor. Our classes can be held onsite at your office or at a convenient location.

Please explore our website to discover how you can begin today your exciting journey of language learning through language education or language immersion experiences abroad!

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