The management team is passionate about languages!!! We have first-hand experience facing the obstacles confronted when learning a new language. This passion for languages has led us to develop this company, which uniquely focuses on making communication happen through education and language services to help you overcome language obstacles and make dreams come true.

Flora-Santor-150x150Flora C. Santor, is one of the Managing Partners of Language that Works, LLC. She graduated from Fayetteville State University in 1994 with a BA in Spanish. Since then, she has mostly dedicated herself to serve in the area of education. While living in Fayetteville, NC, Flora worked at Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville Community College, and Elizabethtown High School. She worked respectively in Human Resources, taught ESL, and taught high school Spanish levels 1, 2, and 3. A change in her husband’s duty station brought her to New Jersey where she worked at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s satellite campus as Assistant Director. After her husband’s retirement and a move to Florida, Flora obtained work at Kaplan University as Director of Recruitment, and later at Medvance Institute as Director of Education.

Renée Ryan
, one of the managing partners of Language that Works, LLC holds two degrees from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with a B.S. in Business Administration and B.A. in Spanish. Renée’s desire to continue her involvement in the Hispanic community led her to pursue a specialized medical interpreter’s certificate through the Healthcare Interpreters Certification Program at Samford University in 2010. Having a passion for other cultures and languages, Renée continued to improve her Spanish skills through studying and working in an internship abroad in Mexico, serving as an interpreter, and designing and directing an after school program for Hispanic elementary children.  Her passion and experience learning a new language drives the desire to see others attain their language goals.

Language Coaches – Charlantes

The LTW language education team of language coaches also known as “Charlantes” are language experts with native or native-like language skills, possessing many years of experience teaching languages. They are committed to help you reach your language goals by developing customized communicative based language programs designed just for you.

Hope-Davis-150x150¡Hola!  My name is Hope Davis and I have been a Spanish teacher at Bob Jones High School in Madison, AL since 2008. I received my bachelor’s degree from Auburn University in Spanish International Trade. After graduating from Auburn I worked in the corporate world for a couple of years and then decided to pursue an education degree. Upon returning to North Alabama I attended Athens State University to receive my teacher certification. Throughout my time in Auburn I taught an ESL class and also participated in a study abroad program that gave me the opportunity to live in Mexico for a summer. I have also worked for the state of Alabama as an interpreter for the Department of Human Resources. My parents currently live in San José, Costa Rica and I love traveling to Central America to visit friends and family as well as to participate in short term mission trips. As you can see I have a passion for the Spanish Language and Culture and I hope to spark this interest and passion in others.

My name is Fiorenza Todaro  and I was born in Syracuse, Sicily, where I graduated from the Linguistic High School G. Leopardi in 1986.  In 1993, I moved to the United States and have lived in Huntsville since then. Here I began my education at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. During my studies, I traveled extensively to Spain, taking courses at The University of Alcalá de Hernares, and Moscow, at Moscow State University. I graduated from UAH with bachelor degrees in Spanish and Russian, receiving the Highest Academic Award in 2007. Since then, I have taught Italian, Spanish and Russian at UAH, worked for private firms in Huntsville, and consulted for Cartus International.

I love foreign languages and hope to instill my passion for foreign languages and cultures to other people and younger generations as well.

I arrived in Madison, Alabama in August 2011. I came from Paris, France where I lived from 1988 to 2011. I am originally from Lisbon, Portugal.   I have lived in five different countries and traveled throughout Europe and Canada.
My very first job, after graduation, was at Disneyland Paris. I was a VIP Tour Guide and a Guest Relations Representative, and because of my language skills (I can speak 7 languages) it is a pleasure for me to assist people when it comes to communication/foreign languages.

In France I worked as an Executive Assistant for mainly multi-national companies.
Upon arrival in the USA, I held a French Club at Blossomwood Elementary school in Huntsville, from January 2012 to May 2014.  In addition, since 2013 until present, I have served as a tutor with an online tutoring company. I tutor French and Portuguese, and meet with students according to their availability.  Sometimes the instruction is conducted through Skype. The most challenging experience teaching foreign languages was with an engineer who was traveling to France for nine months.  I had to prepare very accelerated and intense lessons. I also have experience working at David’s Bridal Huntsville, as a Wedding Consultant, and at Verizon Wireless, as a Bi-lingual Solutions Specialist.


Brenda-Castaneda-Photo-150x150My name is Brenda J. Castañeda. I am a mother of 3 great kids and wife to a wonderful husband. I am a near native speaker of Spanish, the child of immigrant parents, though my primary language is English. I learned to speak Spanish at the age of 12 after a summer trip to Central America, so I too am a learner of Spanish! Being raised in the United States from infancy, I am truly bicultural as well as bilingual and  have a great love and appreciation for both languages and the people that speak them.

I’m a lover of the Spanish language and strive to improve my skills as a teacher, mentor and advocate for the Spanish language and learning. I love to travel, explore and bring that knowledge and experience into the classroom. I like traveling with students as well in order to give them a new perspective, broaden their horizons and expand their language ability.

In class we learn and practice the four skills needed for language acquisition which are listening, reading, writing and of course speaking. These are national as well as state standards for World Language programs.

My name is Brittny Estrada and I fell in love with the Spanish language on my first mission trip at the age of 14. I hold a BA in Spanish and Elementary Education and have been an English Learner (ESL) teacher and bilingual family/school liaison since 2009. For most of my life, I have studied, immersed myself in, and enjoyed the Spanish language and Latin American cultures. My college Spanish coursework provided in-depth grammatical and formal training. However, the most impactful training I received occurred in “immersion environments,” whether serving Spanish-speakers in the US or traveling on many trips to Mexico, Bolivia, and Guatemala. Knowing and loving the Spanish language has truly opened incredible doors for me and I am passionate about sharing this with others in an exciting and encouraging environment.

JBruni-Pic-150x150My name is Jennifer Bruni and I was bitten by the “language bug” when I was 10 years old and my father’s career moved our family to Wiesbaden, Germany. Living in Europe for three years not only introduced me to my love of the German and French languages, but also instilled in me a great respect and appreciation of life beyond our borders. After our return to the United States, I continued to study German and French. I am a graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education, concentrating in both languages and a Master’s degree in French Education. In addition to my family’s time in Germany, I was also fortunate enough to participate in a family home stay during a study abroad session in Angers, France.

I taught German and French at Austin High School in Decatur, Alabama where I was trained by the International Baccalaureate Programme for IB certification. I taught in Decatur City Schools for five years until I had an opportunity to return closer to home in Madison, Alabama. This is my eighth year as a World Language Teacher at Bob Jones High School. I look forward to sharing my passion for learning about these languages and their respective cultures with you!


Bonjour! My name is Bethany Kregger, and some of the major passions in my life are education, travel, and teaching. Basically, I like to use learning in order to have fun (or vice versa). I’ve been working with children and young adults for the majority of my career in various capacities including but not limited to youth groups, music camp, babysitting, tutoring, and teaching. I thoroughly enjoy helping others reach that “light bulb” moment where they go from struggling with an idea to suddenly making the connection. Aside from having a Bachelor of Art’s degree and a California Single Subject Teaching Credential (both in French), I have had many valuable opportunities to learn about this amazing world in many different contexts. I spent the majority of my free time during my college years traveling extensively in Europe and the United States, and I have visited most of the countries in Western Europe, including having lived in Paris, France and outside of Lausanne, Switzerland. I believe there is much to be gained from moving outside of one’s comfort zone and embracing new ideas and perspectives, and I look forward to helping you achieve your learning goals so that you can have some great new experiences yourself!

Carla-Condor-Pic-114x150My name is Carla Condor, and I consider myself a key witness in the matter of learning a foreign language through the immersion system. As a child, I liked to learn other languages, in this case English, and then learned French as well. My native language is Spanish. I am from Peru, and I always saw myself being interested in learning about other cultures and therefore, other languages. It is true that when you learn a language and you do not have the practice, there are more possibilities of losing this ability. So for me, it was essential to travel and nurture my love of language and culture by living fabulous immersion experiences. After high school, I decided to study for an associate degree in Translation and Interpretation at the University Ricardo Palma, Lima-Peru. My focus was in Spanish, English, and French. Then, I had the opportunity to do a one year internship in Brisbane- Australia focusing on general English, TOEFL, and IELTS studies. I improved my oral English communication skills through practice, learning the idioms of the country, and living daily, communicating this globalized language with other people from different cultures. When I returned to Peru, I worked as a foreign language teacher and later, moved to the United States where I am currently working on my bachelors in French, Spanish and International Trade at the University of Huntsville in Alabama. The opportunity to be in the United States has opened possibilities to not only practice the language, but also to enrich my knowledge professionally, while sharing my experience with others. I am currently a tutor in Spanish at UAH and a freelance foreign language tutor. Through LTW, I am able to share my language and cultural experiences to help others reach their language goals!

Ana Aristizabal is a native Spanish speaker, born and raised in Colombia. She is a Civil Engineer with post-graduate studies in Finance. She also lived in Puerto Rico where she moved with her husband and where her son was born. In 2000 she moved with her family to Florida where she lived for three years until her husband was transferred to work in Huntsville, Alabama and the whole family moved again.

She was fortunate to spend the early years of her son’s life teaching him Spanish and in some opportunities teaching his friends and sharing with them the Colombian culture. She looks forward to helping you learn Spanish and sharing some of the diversity of Latin American culture.

Chasity-McMillan-150x150My name is Chasity McMillan, and I received the chance of a lifetime to teach English over 8,000 miles away in Shenzhen, China. While living and adapting to the Chinese culture, I taught ESL classes to adolescents and adults for a year. During my stay in China, I had the rewarding opportunity to learn Chinese at Beijing University and soon realized the demands of learning a new language, but it was well worth my efforts and the funny attempts I made to talk with the locals. The entire process of acquiring a language can be quite challenging and intimidating at times for the learner. However, as outsider looking in, it’s truly an admirable adventure which makes me marvel at individuals who take on the task of learning a new language.

More recently, as an ESL trainer at an English language center, I have taught students from Saudi Arabia, Japan, Brazil, France, Italy, and Egypt.  I am very experienced and committed to teaching English as a Second Language to people of all ages. I have been teaching ESL for about 6 years now, and I am TESOL certified.

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