The Language that Works Academic Student Immersion (ASI) Program in Costa Rica is a short term immersion experience geared for high school students who can communicate at a basic level at the time of departure.  The program takes place during the summer months and is customizable based on the student or high school requirements.  Openings are available for the month of June and July 2017.  Please see our General Information for Students and Parents 2017 flyer for more specific information.


Costa-Rica-SchoolStudents participating in the ASI Program will have the opportunity to experience the beauty of Costa Rica while being immersed in the Spanish language, involved in the Tico culture, and experiencing Costa Rica’s biodiversity through guided ecological tours.  All students will also get to experience a typical Costa Rican school day, as well as, have the opportunity to give back to the local community in meaningful ways through participating in community outreach services.  The excursions and educational tours included in the ASI Program will allow the students to enjoy Costa Rica’s wildlife, rainforest, volcanoes, as well as, culture and traditions. Our program is based in the safe family community of San Lorenzo, Heredia and the surrounding areas.


The safety of each student is our number one concern. A 24-hour ASI Director will meet the students at the airport in Costa Rica and be with them at all times until they re-board for their flight home to the US.  In addition to the 24-hour ASI Director, the students will travel from the US with a chaperone, 1 per 10 students.  Students will always be traveling as a group.

Costa-Rica-Other1-150x150The LTW ASI Program is an educationally focused immersion trip planned especially for the high school student and is not simply a tourist trip.  Our program specializes in providing the students opportunities to be directly involved in Costa Rican life, culture, and language.  Students practice their language skills as they attend a day of high school with peers, as well as, while they are participating in community outreach projects.  They are actively engaged with the people and culture of Costa Rica and are not merely observers.  And, all accommodations, excursions, outreach projects, activities, and immersion experiences are pre-approved prior to the students arrival.

The ASI Program package is an all-inclusive package and is detailed below.  A student only needs to bring money for snacks, souvenirs, or any extra items they might want to purchase.

An LTW representative is only a phone call away to answer any questions and provide full support. Contact us today with any questions you might have or to secure a reservation in our ASI Program.


  • Orientation
  • Travel
  • Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Excursions
  • Immersion Opportunities
  • MedEvac Insurance

Pre-departure and in-country orientations fully inform the student and the parents of of the details needed to prepare for the trip.  Each student will receive a pre-departure kit informing them of  what to expect, what to pack, and all important contact information and documentation required.

gallery3_img5All travel costs are covered in this package including round trip airfare and all in-country transportation in Costa Rica.  Full accommodations are also included and will be at the San Lorenzo Inn Bed and Breakfast, a gated bed and breakfast, located in the quiet town of San Lorenzo.  This town was selected for the program for its central location, charm, hospitality, and safety.  The town of San Lorenzo is a bedroom community much like any small town in the US which has the advantage of being near a larger city bustling with museums, theaters, parks, and local attractions. All meals are also provided including a special arrival meal.

The student never has to worry about any in-country expense related to excursions or immersion opportunities. Entry fees and expenses related to all excursions and activities are included in the ASI Program package.  ASI Program package total cost differs based on the length of time and customization of the program.


LTW works closely with school administrators and teachers to customize educational and cultural immersion programs in Costa Rica.  Each program is designed to meet the needs and goals of each school and their students.

We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service.  All of our high school programs are all-inclusive.  We make ourselves available to meet with the administration and/or teachers to fully explain the ASI Program.   We  provide all the marketing and promotional materials, such as fliers, information sheets, posters, etc.  We handle all the teacher and student documentation and payments.  We are personaly available to the administration and teachers for consultation, and stay in constant communication to ensure a smooth planning process.

The safety and well-being of the students are the most important factors in the ASI program.  We have processes in place to ensure many levels of safety.  Each group traveling from the U.S. to Costa Rica is accompanied by a chaperone, and will be easily identifiable by LTW provided t-shirts.  An LTW representative is always with the group in-country, in addition to two other adults; the chaperone and the tour guide.   Students and chaperones are housed in a gated bed and breakfast.  In addition, we host pre-departure and in-country orientations to prepare the group to enjoy the academic and cultural immersion during their stay in Costa Rica.

We work very hard to provide the truest immersion experience possible for the students.  All of our activities and excursions are planned with the goal of language utilization and cultural exposure.  Depending on the language abilities of the students, our tours, presentations, excursions, and activities can all be conducted in Spanish so that the student has ample opportunities to practice the language.  By viewing the General Information for Students and Parents 2017 flyer, you will see that LTW’s ASI programs are packed full of fun, interactive, and educational activities.  Your students will go home tired but not wanting to leave Costa Rica!  Itinerary examples can be viewed in the Academic Student Immersion 7-Day Program Itinerary 2017 and the Academic Student Immersion 8-Day Program Itinerary 2017 flyers.  See our ASI Gallery for photos from previous trips.

We don’t plan tours, we plan experiences!

Teachers and administrators don’t miss your opportunity to plan your customized educational and adventurous immersion experience for your students. Please contact us today to see how we can design a program for your school and provide you with a quote.


Students planning to participate in the 2017 ASI Program and desire to make a payment, please follow the link below.

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