Immersion Through Internships Abroad

Language that Works acknowledges that immersion is the best way to reinforce any language learning experience and offers this opportunity through our Spanish Internship Program in Costa Rica.  Each student will experience the unique culture of Costa Rica while enjoying the vast beauty of the countryside and the wonderful hospitality of the people of Costa Rica (or Ticos as they call themselves).


Internship worksites are available in the medical, retail, education, business, social  services, engineering, architecture, agriculture, veterinary services, and ecotourism fields.  We work to customize your internship by understanding your goals and objectives and matching you with a worksite that will help you attain those long term language goals.


gallery1_img2Accommodations are tailored to your preferences.  Language that Works offers both homestays with families or in an inn.

If you prefer a homestay, we work very hard to place you with a Tico family matching your requests (i.e. type of family, any dietary needs or allergy concerns, pets, no pets, etc.) Each homestay provides three meals per day, a private room, access to a bathroom, laundry services once a week, access to the internet, and access to a refrigerator to store your personal selections.

gallery1_img3If your preference is to stay in an inn, you will receive three meals per day; have a private room and bath, laundry services once a week, access to the internet, and access to a refrigerator to store your personal selections.


Orientations, both stateside and in Costa Rica, prepare you to live and work abroad successfully. Prior to departure, we provide you with key information about your worksite, accommodations, culture, and other important aspects you will need to know.  The in-country orientation includes training in safety, medical emergencies, natural disasters, and Tico culture.


Excursions are offered to provide you the wonderful opportunity to experience the biodiversity and the culture of Costa Rica. Various one day and overnight excursions offer you the opportunity to experience the beach, volcanoes, rain forests, and in general, immerse yourself in the unique geography and people of Costa Rica.  Please see our 2017 Costa Rica Optional Excursions flyer for more details.

Enjoy the many benefits of choosing Language that Works as your internship provider. We provide you a very personalized, customized total immersion language experience. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Enjoy incredible travel opportunities
  • Gain work experience tailored to your goals & skills
  • Participate in cultural activities with other interns
  • Receive personalized service in both the U.S. & Costa Rica
  • Be assigned accommodations based on your personal preferences
  • Receive weekly in-country mentoring sessions


The Internship Program Package includes:

  • Orientation workshops – Pre-trip & in-country
  • Accommodations to include:
    • Private room in a homestay with a family or an inn
    • Meals – breakfast, lunch, & dinner
    • Laundry – 1 time per week
    • Access to internet
  • Excursions – (2- 4 total depending on length of stay)
  • Airport transportation to & from Juan Santamaría International airport
  • Optional cultural activities
  • Local cell phone
  • Travel insurance covering medical, life, evacuation and repatriation
  • 24-hour in-country representation

We work with you to uniquely customize your program according to your language goals, area of interest, and academic requirements.


LTW works closely with university administrators and internship coordinators to customize educational and cultural immersion programs in Costa Rica.  Each program is designed to meet the needs and goals of each university and their students.

We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service.  We make ourselves available to meet with the administration and/or professors to fully explain the Internship Program.   We  provide all the marketing and promotional materials, such as fliers, information sheets, posters, etc.  We handle all the student documentation and payments.  We are personaly available to the administration and professors for consultation, and stay in constant communication to ensure a smooth planning process for your students.

The safety and well-being of the students are the most important factors in LTW’s Internship Program.  We have processes in place to ensure many levels of safety.  An LTW representative is always with the interns in-country during the entire lenght of the program.  In addition two additional third party providers staff members are available to oversee the program and conduct weekly worksite visits.  All interns are required to participate in weekly meetings conducted in Spanish to evaluate how students are  adapting to their new environment.   In addition, we host pre-departure and in-country orientations to prepare the interns to live, work, and enjoy Costa Rica.

We work very hard to provide the truest immersion experience possible for the students.  All of our activities and excursions are planned with the goal of language utilization and cultural exposure.  Depending on the language abilities of the students, our tours, presentations, excursions, and activities can all be conducted in Spanish so that the student has ample opportunities to practice the language.  By viewing the LTW Costa Rica Intern General Information flyer, you will see that LTW’s Internship programs are packed full of fun, interactive, and educational activities.  Your students will not want to leave Costa Rica!  See our Internship Gallery for photos from previous trips.

We don’t just get worksites, we plan immersion experiences!

Professors and administrators don’t miss your opportunity to plan your customized educational and adventurous immersion experience for your students. Please contact us today to see how we can design a program for your university and provide you with a quote.


If you are participating in this program for 2017 and would like to make a payment online, please select from the following payment options. Thank you!

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The Language that Works Internship Program in Costa Rica will provide you with an unforgettable experience and a valuable asset for your resume.  Let us coordinate your internship program and all you have to do is enjoy your time in Costa Rica. Contact us today to let us know how we might customize an internship package especially designed with your goals in mind.

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